Vegetarian: To be or not to be?

As a vegetarian myself, I want to highlight a few problems that you hardly ever see a vegetarian point out. 

If the reason you want to be a vegetarian is stronger than your own health then that’s fair enough, by all means convert, but the problem is, I myself suffer with anaemia, I have for years and this is the cause for a lot of my health problems, my blood was so thin, I was fatigued all the time, I could barely ever concentrate.. And it was actually really getting me down, I’ve been a vegetarian all of my life, all of my family are vegetarian so it wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable me being one as I was in that environment all the time, so if you have tried and your family aren’t don’t blame yourself for being unable to do so, trying is a great thing. 

If you feel as though you feel like you are doing a good thing for the animals that would be suffering, then I am glad you’re making a change, but if you feel like you are unable to do it anymore because your health is deteriorating then don’t feel like you need to stay as a veggie, because no one will judge you for wanting to look after yourself, I feel like a lot if people don’t want to look after themselves because then the typical, “oh you were vegetarian but the animals obviously don’t matter to you” argument arises and you feel like you’re locked in a cage and you can’t change it because you’re afraid of being judged, life is too short to let other people force you into a diet that you may or may not be comfortable doing anymore. 

A lot of people ask, do you eat eggs, do you drink milk, do you eat cheese? The simple answer is yes. Atleast it used to be, I stopped drinking milk because of health reasons, but eating eggs and so on I did do, if I could change that I would but with my body going through a rough time as it is I don’t think I would still be healthy without eating these things and my parents agree and I’ll be damned if I let someone bully me into not eating them, it’s the same as make up that’s tested on animals, I don’t use any products like that, I don’t think it’s right therefore I don’t do so. 

People may tell you, you can’t pick and choose what you do, but you’ll find a lot of these people may actually not even be vegetarian themselves, so if you’re confronted by these people, don’t let them get you down, make your own dietary choices without feeling like you’re being pushed into anything, because you’ll end up miserable and if you’re not careful unhealthy too. 

The purpose of this was to show sides of vegetarianism that you may not get if you simply decide on a whim, your body is important, your health is important, make sure you know what you’re getting into before you jump straight in and make sure you stay healthy. 

As always thanks for reading guys!

~Seren Hâf xo


Comic Con (Cardiff) 2015.

So yesterday (21/3/2015) my mam and I went to Cardiff Comic con, as we live 40 minutes away it wasn’t that hard to reach at all, however we didn’t know we were going to go til the day before so unfortunately I had no time to get anything together to dress as, but I did have enough time to throw together a quick leeloo outfit from the fifth element, one of my favourite characters, she’s amazing.

We got there after a quick sushi meal (this being our first comic con experience) we were amazed at all the amazing things we were met by, so many familiar characters, so many amazing stalls and the guests were so sweet, I managed to get an autograph from Daniel Portman, who plays Podrick Payne in the series Game of Thrones and I also got one from the marvellous Jessie Cave who plays the infamous Lavender Brown in Harry Potter, both really lovely people, I did weep a bit at Jessie, purely because I am such a huge HP fan it’s unreal, I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

Daniels autograph, I got it for my boyfriend 🙂 

A fun little selfie with my mother, featuring the top of my leeloo outfit. 

And only some of Comic con. 

If you guys ever get the chance to go to one of these, never turn it down, even if you aren’t a fan of comics there is something for everyone, I was so impressed and in total awe at everything, they even had a delorian I stood gaping at it for so long, this may not be of any help to anyone but I wanted to record this day because it was such a magical experience and everyone deserves one, if you see this and you were also there, I hope you had a wonderful time, maybe in November I’ll be more prepared. 

I also made a quick little vlog if you guys would like to see!

-Seren Hâf xo 

Fighting Depression and Anxiety.

Disclaimer: this isn’t a sob story, I figured a lot of people suffer with these same problems so I’d talk about them a bit as a person who’s suffered with both. 

I’ll start this by saying, last year I was diagnosed with depression a few times by different doctors, I knew something had been up but I couldn’t put my finger on it and I couldn’t think for the life of me what was going on with my body and my head, a lot of the time I felt alone, I felt like I was useless, like no one could ever find me interesting or funny or pretty, even though I have the most wonderful company, I have a loving boyfriend and family who are always here, I still felt like I was empty. 

And I’ll be honest, that scared me a lot, I felt like no matter what I did or how hard I tried at whatever I was doing, nothing was ever seeming to be coming out right, I felt like I was always coming short of my potential and there was no way I was ever coming out of this dark pit. 

I worked myself so hard because of this I was so exhausted, I tried to find a job even with uni feeling like it had the weight of the universe, I wanted to show my parents how much I valued them through giving everything I could give them back, for being the best to me. 

Adding this pressure was a struggle at first, juggling long hours through the evening as well as uni was hard, no matter how much I adored my workplace and still do.

Because I was so exhausted I was having multiple break downs a week, I’d lock myself in my room and start crying and not stopping, often feeling like I was going to die if I didn’t stop, it was hard to breathe, think, feel at those moments, they were possibly the darkest times I’ve had and I wouldn’t wish them upon anyone. 

I remember one time I was at university,  doing some work and I started crying there and then in class, I was so shaken up I couldn’t stop and I couldn’t control my hands to the point I was clawing at my face to get myself to stop crying. 

Those moments. Will always terrify me and I hope it’ll be a long time until I have to go through that again. 

This is where I wanted to go with this post. 

If you suffer with these problems, you aren’t alone, you never will be and you never have been, there is always someone, even if you feel like there isn’t, there are countless people who would let you lean on them, for example I’m one, if any of you ever need a friend or a helping hand when you feel at your worst, then I am welcoming you with open arms, I think this world needs a few more helping hands and even if the start is a small one, I would be glad to start there. 

If you suffer with these problems, don’t worry, you aren’t different, you aren’t scary, you aren’t troubled, it is a problem that may not go away and it may not get easier, but I know what will make it easier, having people to lean on, having places to go, I found out that if I am feeling bad I know I need to get out of the house, even if it’s raining, I will walk out and I will take some time to myself, without a mobile, without all of those worries, I will be alone with nature and I won’t think about a thing, I will have peace, I know you may feel like you want to lock yourself away in your room but don’t, isolation is the worst thing you can do, feeling enclosed, feeling locked in will not help how you’re feeling, make sure you find someone you trust and hold them close, they may not understand but they will listen, sometimes that will be all you need, is for someone to listen. 

Long story short is you aren’t alone, I’m here and so is everyone else. 

~Seren Hâf xo 

OOTD & A forest walk~

So today after university I decided to go out on a little walk, maybe get some uni work done while I was out, I grabbed my camera, my tripod and my imagination and took a walk through the forest on the mountain behind my house, I’m rather lucky to have such a beautiful forest behind my house, it was a bit of a challenge climbing up a mountain in heels but thankfully I was wearing my chunky boots from, so I was ready for any tumbles!

Usually I won’t make OOTD posts as I’m relatively new to this whole blogging and YouTube thing, however I felt truly inspired by how beautiful it was out so I went for it and had the most fun I’d had in a while, I managed to steal some photos from my video, whch will be linked here:

The first picture of the day, I was walking back over to turn off the camera, but I love how my jumper looks in this! 

Standing between the branches of a huge beautiful tree, with a gorgeous pathway, lovely place for a picnic I think!

Sitting on a rock showing off my lovely boots (and the fact I have to roll up my jeans to wear them) 

I wasn’t upset here I was brushing the hair out of my eyes but I thought it looked interesting so this came of it! 

The tree from earlier, walking up the pathway,  will definitely be finding this tree again, lovely place to relax.

Showing off the septum piercing, an accidental shot but one of my favourites, most likely because how soft it is. 

And then I’ll finish with this one, I look so surprised but I really liked this one too. 

Here’s where I got all my items for this OOTD: 

Jumper: Primark, a few years ago in the men’s section, always check the men’s section!

Jeans: A charity shop, they’re irreversible – the inside is snake skin. 

Boots: on sale! – £12 

Hat: Hereford Christmas faire – £60

Headphones: Sainsburys (SONY) £15

Septum ring: Provided by Frontier Tattoo parlour in Cardiff. 

That’s all for this post I think guys, hope you enjoyed, if you enjoyed did blog be sure to check out my YouTube, I’ll be uploading OOTDs whenever I can. 

~Seren Hâf xo 

Shopping at 

Now I’m a huge fan of shopping online, mostly because I am a vampire so it’s rare you’ll ever see me out and about in the sunshine, my skin is so white it burns to even have a light bulb on. 

All joking aside, I really am a huge fan of shopping online and recently I really needed some new leggings, being a university student is often a pain as it is without having to worry about looking decent and being uncomfortable through out the day, so I try to look for comfy clothing that still looks rather nice. 

Charity shops are usually the way forward for me. I really enjoy going to them and finding some really good gems, but often I’ll shopping at boohoo and missguided I adore their clothing and it’s definitely affordable for a starving university student. 

I found these boots and leggings that I thought were absolutely gorgeous, I needed them in my life so I put them in my basket and moved on to my checkout, I was more than excited to have them arrive the next day. 

I tried them on right away and I fell in love instantly, the boots are cushioned and plat formed, something I love in a boot. It also has a chunky platform, who wouldn’t want that?! 

The leggings are also shown in this picture, which is funny as they look like they’re extended boot, makes them all the lore fun to wear together. 

This was my outfit for the day, I am a huge fan of greys, blacks and floral patterns so count me in on any of that. 

There’s something refreshing to me about dressing a bit dark during the spring time, most likely because I am a huge fan of October and all things Halloween. 

Floral Shirt: Asda, George, on sale for £4 

Jacket: Cannot remember, it was so old.. Sorry!! 

Leggings: for £5

Boots: for £12 

Long story short guys, if you ever get the chance I totally recommend boohoo for their clothing, great quality for an outstanding price! 

~ Seren Hâf xo

Getting my Septum pierced!? 

Recently I got my septum pierced, I remember when I was younger really struggling when I had my ears pierced, I had to take them out as soon as I could and it was healthy for me too because I was so incapable of dealing with the pain. 

However it recently dawned on me that I am now able to modify my body in whatever way I want to, therefore I decided I would have what I have always wanted done, which is a septum piercing, I always thought they looked so amazing and I always wished of having one, I even had a fake septum ring that I would wear just so I would feel like cool. 

( I do realise I shouldn’t do things because I think they look cool, don’t worry this wasn’t just an impulse thing, I’ve wanted it done for years ) 

So last week on Friday 13th, I asked my lovely boyfriend if he would pay for my piercing as a present, be agreed and we went to a lovely tattoo parlour in Cardiff named Frontier, I really wanted it done and we were almost certain that I would be petrified and crying when I had it done consideri I’ve only ever heard bad things about having it done. 

Surprisingly enough, I was totally fine, she clamped my nose, put the needle through and voila it was just like having a very short blood test, no tears included ( though there was a whole lot of blood, yay for being anaemic ) but I finally had what I wanted done and I had it with out crying like a child, the healing process is being a bit of a pain, but the long story short is, if you guys want a piercing and have wanted it for long enough, totally go for it, if you don’t like it you don’t like it, the fun of having a septum piercing for me is the fact I can hide it for my work and yet I can have it down the rest of the time. 

If I could get away with another facial piercing I totally would, but alas, I can’t let myself with work. 

Though I am super happy with it and I will keep it down and on total show as much as I can, if you’re afraid of the pain of having a piercing, just imagine how amazing you’ll look with it, don’t worry about that tiny bit of pain, think about the craving you’ve had for that piercing, remember to get it done professionally and safely and be sure to clean it properly, having a healthy piercing is having a happy piercing. 

~ Seren Hâf xo 

Welcome to the Arcadia! 

Hey guys,  I’m Seren Hâf and welcome to Zhariens Arcadia! Zhariens Arcadia is my haven, named after my elven priest, it is where my art will always be born, I figure if you’re going to be reading these blogs you may as well know who I am and what I do – I am an art student from South Wales who dreams to be a successful illustrator, not for the money,  but for the chance to make a change, open eyes and even bring happiness to some lives.

This is me, just incase you were interested, lately, I have been inspired by the work of Frank Frazetta, Arthur Rackham, Alan Lee and Edward Gorey, if this gives any insight into the sort of artist I aim to be then I hope it interests you! 

I really enjoy creating work on the female figure, I believe there is such a beauty behind every woman therefore they influence my work rather a lot, life drawing being one of my favourite pass times! Here’s an example of some female figure work I created recently : 

Digital work has always been a big part of my work, however recently water colour and acrylic paints have been my best friends, so I hope to show you guys some of the fun stuff you can do with that too! 

I hope to show you guys what inspires me from day to day, hopefully this will also help some of you out, as an artist getting blocked is one of the worst things possible, you feel totally useless, so this blog will show how I get out of that state of mind and also show my work, hopefully you guys will be interested in this. 

So let’s get started!

Thanks for reading! 

~ Seren Hâf xo